Noi non trattiamo

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“Noi non negoziamo con i terroristi e raccomandiamo agli altri di non farlo” è la dichiarazione di McCormack, portavoce del Dipartimento di Stato statunitense, in occasione della liberazione di Daniele Mastrogiacomo…

Mafia’s Help Reported In the Rescue of Dozier

Published: February 21, 1983

American and Italian intelligence officials turned to the Mafia for help in locating Brig, Gen. James L. Dozier after his kidnapping in Italy and rescued him the day after a Mafia leader revealed where the general was being held, Time magazine reports in its current issue.

The magazine said the operation was so secret that not even the American Ambassador to Italy, Maxwell Rabb, had been aware of it.

The magazine said it was unclear if Franchino Restelli, a Mafia leader imprisoned in Milan, was the first or sole source of the Padua address at which Red Brigades members were holding General Dozier.

But Time said a participant in an interview the authorities had with Mr. Restelli on Jan. 27, 1982 - more than a month after the Dozier kidnapping -said the Mafia leader provided the address.

[via New York Times]

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